Survival International was founded 48 years ago to help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.

We are a global organization with offices in London, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Paris and San Francisco.

As a non-profit, we have a non corporate, laid-back culture, and we don't have clients, so we work under our own stress-free pace. We optimize for developer happiness.

Our web platform is our main campaigning tool, helping us spread the word about the issues that tribal peoples are facing, and allowing visitors to take action, make pressure on their governments, or become supporters. It has an average of 200,000 visits per month and it's translated to six different languages.

Check out our juicy perks below:

  • Annual get together with our team members from our other six offices

  • Constant learning through videos, katas, meetups, books and experimenting

  • Small team, so your voice counts. Tight and supportive team culture. We make and own our own decisions

  • We do TDD, follow best practices, Agile methodologies, apply SOLID principles and design patterns

  • Your work has meaning, and really makes a difference in tribal people's lives. We are changing the status quo

  • iMac/Macbook pro or a Linux computer.